Stories help us understand our world and imagine our future. They resonate logically and emotionally and serve as a powerful way to trigger and sustain change. shared press understands that the narratives we repeat about ourselves determine what we become.

Dawn Reeves and Fran Collingham use their storytelling skills in an organisational setting to support leaders, teams and individuals to examine their narratives, learn from them and perhaps come up with new ones. We investigate the grit of working life and see what’s possible, including uplifting outcomes, what’s hopeful and what can be heavy going, and what might need protecting as green shoots of change.

The support we offer is tailored to clients’ needs and given through facilitated workshops, conversations and interviews, which produce lasting materials – books, blogs and video content – that you can return to.


What working on organisational stories can help you to achieve

  • Clarify the positive narratives, the vision, values and future direction

  • Change organisational culture and bring strategy, policy or research to life

  • Ensure voices are heard in an authentic, creative way that informs change

  • Illustrate desired behaviours and attitudes to unite teams and accelerate performance

  • Improve morale by understanding or unearthing negative narratives that foster resistance to change

  • Gain new perspectives on leadership, build character and resilience


  • Co-creating clear, authentic and compelling strategic narratives and powerful organisational stories – using a combination of storytelling workshops and creative conversations or interviews

  • Supporting leaders, managers and staff to tell their own stories – improve impact and influence by learning storytelling and communications skills, writing, and blogging opinion pieces

  • Developing energy and motivation to change by sharing stories of best practice and innovation – embedding new behaviours and ways of working

  • Producing lasting materials – in a range of media – beautiful books (print and ebooks) and engaging video content

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