The most beautiful venue for a book launch!

Shared Press were delighted to launch “Making our Mark” at the Greenwich Book Festival on Friday 22nd May 2015.


Amongst the many famous literary names at the Festival, an energetic and inspiring book of student stories, creative conversations and designs was published. It’s hard to imagine a more glamorous and appropriate venue from which to send the book off into the world. Like the students on their journeys, book is now on its way. We hope it will be widely read, enjoyed and continue to have a significant impact on the University who commissioned it.

One port of call for the book will be the British Library. Alongside the books of authors further along in their career, Making our Mark will be available at the British Library in perpetuity. A book is for life!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated the launch with us. It was a fantastic turnout. Thanks to all the contributors, to those who read their pieces and those we couldn’t fit in the programme, and to their supporters, friends and family who made it along. A special mention goes to Professor Judith Burnett, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Greenwich and to all the team that put such hard work into the festival.

To find out more about the process of curating and publishing “Making our Mark”, contact: