We’ve Got This:

Ethics, public service and art


An innovative mixed-media art exhibition. We’ve Got This takes a fresh look at ethics: re-inventing the Nolan principles in public life through an innovative mixed-media art exhibition. It’s a bold approach that sees Solace members and artists from across the country collaborating to bring the principles to life, to make sense of the challenging contemporary context and to celebrate the good stuff at the heart of public service.

Launching at the 2019 Solace Summit. View the press release here.

We’ve Got This Brochure


“We need a creative conversation about Nolan, public service and what that means for us in these challenging times. It’s been fantastic to work with local artists on the project. As individuals and organisations, we need to be more creative, imagine the future, spot patterns, make the invisible visible.”
— Merran McRae, Chief Executive of Wakefield Council
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