New flash fiction story – post election Britain?

Post War Britain

Courage has her doubts. Her office is a trench shored up by battered filing cabinets and grey temporary wall dividers. They’re always on the move, dented by political attacks from all sides. Public outcry has left her ears ringing. Years wading through clawing mud have slowed her down. She’s worried her balance isn’t what it was and is sick of the meetings they spend covering their backs when they have a real fight on their hands.

Swop a story of change for a book

Here’s a new story in our Change the Ending collection. We were delighted that Neil Mackin got in touch and was keen to read the book. From our email contact it was clear Neil had stories to tell so I invited him to swop a story for a book.

If you read this, or any of the other stories and are inspired to write, let us know. We’d be happy to keep the swopping idea going. You’ll find the writer brief, further down the page on a previous blog.

The birth of a collection – practical support for the creative process

The birth of a collection – practical support for the creative process

Change the Ending – our collection of flash fiction about the future of public life – was born in October. It was a moment of joy. Despite the hard labour behind the scenes, seeing it grow and develop was fantastic. I loved the creativity and the collaborative process – working with the writers, taking part myself and the basic act doing of it. Write something, publish something and you’ve made something happen. Who knows what it will become, but it will exist.

Welcome to Shared Press – Launch of Change the Ending

Shared Press is delighted to be publishing Change the Ending our slim, elegant collection of very short tales tackles a weighty, important issue – the future of public life. In June 2014 we sent out an open call for writers to leave behind the doom and gloom, the negative narratives that often surround the public sector and create alternative scenarios, to envision futures they wanted to see, to tell it like it could be.