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It’s a small list, but it’s perfectly formed and it’s growing.

Holding Up the Mirror – True stories of public service in a post-truth world

First person stories, opinion and flash fiction. 

Commissioned by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives.

Sponsored by Grant Thornton LLP


Published November 2017

Making our Mark – Global edition
International student stories, first person and fiction
Commissioned by Professor Judith Burnett
University of Greenwich

Published May 2017

Walk Tall – Being a 21st Century Public Servant

Fiction, profiles, opinion, photo essay, shoes
Commissioned by the Local Government Association,
The Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and,
The Public Sector People Managers Association

Published July 2016

Making our Mark
Student stories and creative conversations about the world of work
Commissioned by Professor Judith Burnett
University of Greenwich

Published May 2015

Change the Ending
Stories that matter: flash fiction about the future of public life
Supported by the Society for Local Authority Chief Executives (Solace)

Published October 2014
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 Hard Change
Dawn Reeves
A sharp-edged town hall thriller
Published February 2013
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We Know What We Are
Dawn Reeves
A tense thriller about football and power
Publication date: summer 2017


About Shared Press author Dawn Reeves

Dawn lives in London and loves the Midlands. She makes change happen. She’s motivated by social justice, is fascinated by power and all the weird and wonderful things that happens under the surface.